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  • 5040 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 152
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Hi- I’m Tuyet (Tee-et), wonderful to meet you!
I’m an AZ native, but spent most of my career in other states pursuing Marketing for fortune- 50 companies. I loved working in the east coast, enough to have purchased my first property at the age of 24 in Atlanta, however, every flight back to see my family, I grew to admire AZ more and more. After owning my home for 2.5 years, I decided to sell it and move back to Phoenix to start my own business. That’s where The PHX Market was born and my passion for real estate began. I learned during the time of owning my own home, I was building equity, and when I went to sell it, all the profit was tax free for up to $250K per individual and $500K for a married couple. After all expenses, I was able to live in my home for free and gain a large profit to start my business and purchase another home, all that for an investment of 3.5% down. That’s what I want for my clients, the ability to gain value through the purchase/ sale of a property and the opportunities owning a property provides. No matter their real estate goals, now or in the future, I want to be the partner to empower them to reach it every step of the way.
Outside of real estate, I enjoy exploring my surroundings. From local eateries and shops to trails and activities, I love being in the know of what there is to do. Besides the physical criteria of a home, I’m a big believer in community and the importance it plays in your lifestyle. Connect with me and let’s explore The PHX Market together.

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